What Are Canvas Prints?

Canvas Prints

Canvas Prints, also known as stretched canvas, are created by an inkjet printer, using a special type of ink and paper. A stretched canvas print is made by using an inkjet printer and a special paper, which may be photographic paper or non-possessive paper. The images on the canvas are electronically printed from a digital source using a computer, usually a computer-scanning system. They may be printed in color (cyanurate) or in monochrome ( RGB). Canvas Prints are used to reproduce other types of art, such as photographic art, fine arts, posters, advertisements, calendars, and many more over here.

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Large format Canvas Prints are very popular with modern interior designers who often use them to reproduce important pieces of artwork for the home, office, and/or gallery setting. Canvas prints allow decorators to choose a format that is right for their individual needs and taste. The large size of prints offered by canvas prints companies makes it possible to hang on walls, place in a room where a large format painting cannot be hung, or save the prints to display on a wall. Large-format prints of photos, artwork, and/or fabric designs are available in a number of standard picture sizes and can fit into virtually any room design.

Canvas Prints have many advantages over typical framed wall art pieces: they are easier to care for, require less framing, and can be placed in almost any location without glare. Many artists use Canvas Prints in modern decorating projects because they are less glare-producing than framed paintings. In addition, the large space needed to display a framed painting makes Canvas Prints ideal for wall art since the large space prevents glare from distracting or appearing on the artwork itself. Large format Canvas Prints can be framed, but they will still be able to reflect light creating a brilliant reflection effect off of the original image or artwork. Because the surface area is smaller than traditional framed canvas, larger framed works will produce a wider color palette resulting in a brighter, more accurate color appearance.

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