Psalm 91 – The Fortress and Refuge of the People

Psalm 91 was written by an individual who trusted in the Lord, who made Him his dwelling place. He is the fortress and refuge of the people. The writer uses a number of metaphors to express these words, which represent different dangers that may threaten a person’s life. Some of these dangers include natural disasters, animals, enemies, and even entrapment. Ultimately, it is God’s desire to protect His people and He will make sure that they are safe.

How do you pray Psalm 91 over your family?

Psalms 91 king james version is a wonderful way to express the need to protect our homes from harm. It talks about a time when we are threatened with destruction and how we need to look to the Lord for protection. The Lord will protect us from harm, and we will not have to fear the arrows or the destruction of the world.

God protects His people and is not afraid of our bad behavior. His protection is so powerful that it saves one out of ten people. He also tells us that we can look forward to our reward when we follow God’s ways. We are encouraged to consider this reward and live accordingly.

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